Bites... Chicken Balls... Popcorn Chicken...
Whole Chicken Fillet pieces

Hand trimmed chicken breast fillet chunks, your portion size, shape, and thickness is consistent and never disappoints. Fully cooked for consistency and food safety, all can be deep fried or oven baked.

Chicken Fillet Nugget
22g whole muscle chicken fillet nuggets. Delicious chicken fillet pieces with bespoke crunchy coating.
227 nuggets per case (5×1 kg bags)

Sizzler Chicken Bites
In a hot & spicy coating
18g piece, 278 per case (5kg)

Battered Chicken Balls
Chunks of fillet in a crunchy tempura batter
40g piece, 125 per case (5kg)

Popcorn Chicken
Whole breast pieces in a crunchy popcorn coating
10g piece, 500 per case (5kg)

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