When it comes down to it
the principles of food service are pretty simple…


Good products sell, but they rarely sell themselves.

Your customers love products that sell, but they want to taste it, see the marketing materials for advertising it in their outlets, and know that they can make repeat sales and an acceptable profit.

That’s where our well trained sales team come in… helping you grow your sales, not telling you how to run your business.


Once the sale is made, now comes the daily challenge of service. Out of stocks cause problems for your customer and drives them to shop with your competitors.

At Vista we take our responsibilities seriously. We invest in our stockholding so you don’t have to.

100% availability and consistency… Guaranteed!



With repeat business we all like appreciation and reward from time to time.

At Vista, we believe that loyalty should be rewarded and in simple terms, the more you buy the greater the reward. Talk to our sales team about our Caterer Loyalty Scheme.

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