Vegetarianism is on the rise and more consumers want to reduce their consumption of red meat. Will we start seeing plant based food served in takeaways across Ireland next?

It cost over €71 MILLION worth of research but the “meat free” burger that “bleeds” is here. The texture, smell and taste of the burger are said to be extremely similar to a real beef burger.

The five years of research involved testing what makes meat taste like meat (on a scientific level).



How did the people like the new innovation?

Vegetarians didn’t like it, it was too meat like!

But…That is exactly how the research team had hoped it would be.

They created plant based meat and dairy products first and foremost for meat lovers.

Healthier diet, ethics and the environment are just some of the reasons why consumers are lowering the amount of meat in their diet.

Will this trend make its way to Ireland?