The Peri Peri or ‘ piri piri’ hot and spicy sauce is the latest taste sensation sweeping the nation. This fiery sauce is created using African birds eye chilli peppers. Added to the pepper sauce is a hint of citrus lemon or lime, secret spices and a wave of garlic. The perfect marinade for Chicken Fillets. Peri Peri is now synonymous with the ‘ Nandos’ chain of chicken restaurants. 16- 30 year olds cannot get enough of this fiery brand of chicken.

Vista is busy working on our own Peri Peri Chicken Fillets which will soon be available to food service outlets throughout Ireland. A juicy marinated 140g fillet with bespoke Peri Peri marinade will be presented in 4 product settings, Salad bowl, Baguette, Bap and Wrap to entice your customers.

Retailers will receive Free point of sale posters to promote Vista Peri Peri chicken.


Samples will be available end July 2017.

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