Surprising (or not) as it seems, bacon is still a hot trend in the food industry according to global ingredients giant, Kerry Ingredients. While in Ireland it seems to have been around forever… our love of bacon endures and grows.

There are few foods as sensual and appealing as bacon. The mere hint of a smell kicks in your most primal instincts and leads you by the nose from any corner of the house to the kitchen. It’s aroma is right up there with freshly baked bread, and way ahead if you’ve had a late night.

From the traditional breakfast, to bacon jam, bacon vodka, bacon lollipops, bacon chocolate bars (yes, seriously!) it seems that we humans cannot resist that indescribable aroma and taste… that savoury, smokey, crispy slice of heaven. It’s even known as the “gateway meat” to tempt vegetarians back from the dark side!

So look for ways to sell that sizzle on your menu, even as an ingredient… because your customers LOVE bacon.

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