Locally owned takeaways in Ireland face strong competition with cheaper, multinational fast food outlets. How can your independent takeaway compete with these low cost, chain restaurants?

1) Offer Better Food
People are willing to spend money on good, quality food. Be sure to promote the quality of the food you serve!
Your food does not have to be local, organic or gluten free to compete with cheap restaurants but your food does have to be better.

2) Offer a Surprise
Firstly, entice your customers to subscribe to your email list with special promotions and offers. By having customers subscribe to your email list you can build a relationship with them personally for example by offering them special birthday treats, local codes for discounts etc.

3) Offer Something for Everyone
Providing unique menu items for children can be an attractive offering.
Higher quality beef burgers, chicken nuggets etc. – that appeal to both children and their parents.

4) Set Up a Customer Loyalty Programme
Loyalty programs are a cost – effective solution that gets customers eating in your establishment more often and you give a small reward for doing so.

5) Offer Online Ordering
People are addicted to their mobile phones. By capitalizing on mobile, you’re competing with cheap even more so.
People are searching for “takeaways near me”, they want to order online, have it delivered or pick up in store. Many takeaways are using platforms like JUST EAT for this, whilst others have created their own app.

We hope there are some helpful hints and tips you can take from the above!