Chicken is now a mainstay of our diets in Ireland and the UK. In Ireland it’s estimated that we eat in excess of 200,000 chickens per day! Up until the 1960’s in Ireland chickens were mainly kept for eggs. Chickens bred for meat were an expensive treat.

Bread crumbed chicken portions didn’t appear until the 1970’s, and the breaded skinless and boneless chicken breast fillet didn’t appear until the early 80’s.

In Ireland, as in the rest of Europe, we have become a nation of breast meat lovers, whereas in many African and Asian countries, the darker meat is much preferred.

Today, there are literally endless chicken recipes from throughout the world, many of which are finding their way into mainstream consumption. From Southern Fried, Piri Piri, or spicy marinated, its versatility is one of its major benefits in the foodservice industry.

Here’s the first in our series of Endless Chicken recipes, inspired by the Spicy Chicken Club Sandwich at Wendy’s.

Spicy Chicken Caesar Club

  • Deep fry or oven cook the Vista Sizzler chicken fillet
  • Crisp 2 slices of bacon on the hotplate or in the oven
  • Lightly toast your choice of bun or ciabatta
  • Assemble the sandwich on the bun base covering the sizzler fillet with bacon, lettuce, tomato slices, and drizzle with your preferred Caesar dressing, topping with the toasted bun.
  • As an alternative, slice the sizzler fillet into finger sized strips and assemble into a wrap for your spicy chicken Caesar wrap.
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