In our ‘Independent Food Businesses Fighting Back’ series, we see how many independent food business share common ‘success’ traits. Previously we saw

  • How they are more ‘tuned in’ to their customers
  • How they ‘out-work rather than out-spend’ their big competitors by focusing in on who their core customers are and the problems they can uniquely help solve for them.
  • How they have the ability to SELL their ideas and products to family, banks, investors, and customers.

Next, let’s look at FAITH, or self-belief. Faith is simply the ability to act despite the natural doubts and fears we may have. So it’s really about having more faith than fear.

In today’s world of information overload, business owners can often be overcome by the amount of information available to support the making of big decisions. Fear of getting it wrong in the face of this can cause paralysis. Doing nothing teaches us nothing. Getting things wrong is the basis on which we all learn.

Every successful independent food business owner has unshakeable self-belief or faith in their own ability to succeed. This drives their decision making and their actions. This is the ‘it can be done’ and ‘I can do it’ mentality. When they get things wrong, and they do, they learn from the experience and find another way to get around the problem.

Without this faith in one’s own capability, nothing will ever happen.

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