Chicken Goujons and the things you can do with them! How many ways are there to use chicken goujons as an ingredient for your menu?

This is a small café in the US of A who use two chicken goujons (aka tenders) in ten different menu items.

All can be served on a fresh roll or as a wrap, giving 20 menu items in total. Until we hear of something better this gets our thumbs up for the most varied use of chicken goujons on a menu.

They are a brilliantly versatile ingredient and can be featured in starters… finger food… main courses… salads… baguettes… ciabattas… rolls… burger buns… sandwiches… wraps… spice bags… snack boxes…

Not surprising really as we see about 2.5 million of our Vista Chicken Goujons eaten each month in Ireland, with our unique crunchy Battered Chicken Goujon leading the charge.

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