The Takeaway Price Tracker Index stands at 100.3. In our Food Facts Takeaway Price Tracker, see how your prices compare with others in your region, and where takeaway selling prices are changing. This means we have seen a 0.3% increase in the takeaway basket price in just over a month.

We have separated out the Northern Ireland price survey into a separate UK£ price, rather than track the constantly changing currency exchange rate.

Increases have been seen in Leinster, Connaught/Ulster, and Northern Ireland. These are being driven mainly by increases in the price of the Southern Fried Chicken Snack Box in a number of the shops sampled.

A slight decrease has been seen in Munster with one shop bringing down their Fresh Cod price.



The information below shows the pricing for each product in the basket in last month’s survey for Rep of Ireland and Northern Ireland.





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