We came across this great new promotion idea recently… we were working really late one night, doing market research on the late night eating habits of Irish consumers… as we do…

So it was a late Saturday night in a local hostelry in a not so quiet corner of Ireland, and our intrepid researcher observed in real time the dramatic effects of this promotion:

“They were 3 deep at the bar, pushing and shoving…”

“They were buying 3, 4, and even 5 pints, they were going mad for it!”

“I just got caught up in this great offer and joined the heaving mob, it was great crack!”

“The bar staff were panicked by the surge in demand and started shouting “last orders PLEASE

“… 3, no make it 4 pints of Smithwicks, 2 vodka n’ red bulls… and 3 bags of Taytos!

“Then suddenly and without warning the staff pulled the shutters down… catching fingers, severing limbs (ok, not quite), and leaving a baying mob roaring for more ‘special offers’…”

On Monday morning our ‘tired and emotional’ researcher was so overcome by the whole experience, all they could say in a hoarse croak was “never again”!

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