When packaging your business and your products, think in terms of everything that the customer sees or hears from the first moment of contact with your company.

Your Logo, advertising messages, website, signage, menus, flyers, and Point-of-Sale should all represent you in a professional and consistent manner. Everything you do should consistently reflect your messages on TASTE, QUALITY, VALUE, and POINT OF DIFFERENCE.

Consumers love packaging concepts that make their decisions easier and will buy on impulse if they see something NEW and relevant to their preferences.

An Example

A good example is the SIZZLER SPICE BOX from Vista – 3 hot & spicy chicken tenders, 4 chicken bites, and a portion of chips.

The Result

Products that on their own on the menu get a little lost, but ‘packaged’ as a spice box or a spice box meal deal, the consumer now sees it as a product they want, and orders increase TEN-FOLD.

Why does it work so well?

It’s not just the way the products are combined or ‘packaged’ as a complete meal,

it’s also the packaging they come in,

the eye-catching posters at the point of order,

the growing appeal of ‘hot & spicy’ with 15-30 year olds,

the universal appeal and high quality perception of ‘whole muscle’ coated chicken

the generous portion perception created by the filled box,

and the ease of preparation behind the counter.


Vista Foods works exclusively with Independent food businesses to come up with product and packaging concepts that provide them with quality, variety, novelty, and more opportunities to grow sales of great coated chicken products to their customers.

For more information contact our sales team on (01) 498 3048.

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