In Ireland and Britain, about 10% of the population suffer from a food allergy or food intolerance, according to Safefood. In Ireland the primary causes of allergic and intolerant reactions to food are peanuts, fish, eggs, tree nuts & seeds, fruits & vegetables, milk, and wheat.

Allergic reactions tend to be immediate, while intolerance reactions can take a number of hours. Some of these reactions can be fatal, so avoidance is the key. The legislation is in effect since December 2014, and here’s a recap on what businesses serving food should be doing as part of their HACCP plan.

10 Things to Do

  1. Train all staff in terms of general awareness of allergens.
  2. Train key staff as the go-to experts in your business, who can answer customer questions.
  3. Keep a record of ingredients and recipes, and update as changes happen. Make sure these are available at point of sale for answering customer queries.
  4. Ask suppliers to notify you of ingredient changes in their products, if and when they change.
  5. Check that what’s delivered is what you ordered.
  6. Store foods containing allergens separately, in lidded containers if possible.
  7. Alert staff to cross-contamination risks – food to equipment contact, food to hand contact, and food to food contact.
  8. Train staff to clean utensils and equipment properly
  9. Provide information on menus and signage where practicable.
  10. Encourage customers to ask about foods on sale through use of appropriate signage.

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