“Mmmm… Tastes like a good night wasted…” Introducing the definitive list of Ireland’s best hangover foods.

Like all good ranking lists, this one is going to piss a lot of people off but we don’t care.

Bring on the hate, that’s what I say, because we have complete faith that this is THE Bible when it comes to choosing what to eat after you’ve had a few sociable beverages.

Know this; some soakage is better than other soakage…

17. Anything to do with salad
16. Popcorn
15. Crisps
14. Noodles
13. Sausage rolls
12. Sweet and sour chicken
11. Indian Chicken Curry
10. Fish and chips
9. A burger and chip
8. The three-in-one
7. The four-in-one
6. Pepperoni pizza (with garlic bread)
5. A good fry/mixed grill
4. Spice bag/Spice box
3. Curry cheese chips
2. The Chicken Fillet Roll
1. Burrito

Source: https://www.joe.ie/life-style/ranking-irelands-popular-hangover-foods-623734

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